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The Meaning of Time

The Meaning of Time, Part 1:

These next two months we are going to discuss the most precious gift you have - Time!

When I talk with people about the greatest struggle they have in their life, it always centers on Time! We are all challenged with the time we have. It is not about the time we have, because we all have the same amount of time.

In this part of our discussion on "The Meaning of Time" we are going to explore the four options you have for the use of your time. You can either:

  • Abuse your time
  • Waste your time
  • Spend your time
  • Invest your time


You do all four things, but the question is which one controls most of your time? At the end of our discussion you will know which one you give most of your time to. Hey, the only one that gives you a positive return, is the investment of your time.

Watch the webinar now, as I discuss the ways we choose to use our time and discover where you give most of your time to!

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