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Richard Flint has been speaking and changing lives for over 30 years. His staying power comes from a strong following of corporate clients and associations that invite him back year after year.

As one of America’s top personal development speakers and coaches, he travels and speaks over 175 times per year and personally coaches businesses and individuals while on the road.

Considered a well-guarded secret by many, Richard Flint inspires, teaches, and helps people and companies to transform into their Power To Be, so they can do or have anything they want. Interestingly, he does it without you having to set goals.

Richard is on a mission, which he calls a crusade, to help people have their Best Life possible. He knows how through his own experience.


Don’t tell anyone, but before he wore the shirts, Richard wore suits. One day, while shopping in Las Vegas, he wandered into a men’s store that specializes in exotic shirts. He took one look and the shirt journey began.

The shirts, with all their bright colors and different patterns, have become his trademark. His travel searches for unique fabrics from around the world and having them incorporated produce a unique final product – just like each of us are a unique blend of all the fabrics and patterns in our lives.

It has been said, on more than one occasion, it takes a very confident person to wear those shirts. The colors and the patterns are all part of Richard’s unique personality. To him, his shirts represent his spirit. Richard lives his life through his imagination, and that filters out through his creative energy and generous personality.



An introvert whose career forces him to be an extrovert. You might find that hard to believe, but off stage Richard enjoys a very quiet and solitude life. He loves the serentiy of coming home and enjoying a time of quietness.


A very driven person who is totally committed to his crusade of helping people. On and off the road his days are filled with reading, researching, and writing material he feels will help people calm their life and find their Best Life possible.

Family Man

Family was one thing he never really experienced. With the example put forth by his adoptive parents, he was confident he would spend his life as a bachelor. God intervened and Karen entered his life. They’ve been married since 1994.


Richard understands the need for balance in his life. With his schedule it might be challenging to believe there is time left for play, but he understands the need for balancing all Four Rooms of his life. He works diligently everyday to maintain the stability that is absolutely necessary for living his best life and that filters out through the connections he makes with people everyday.


Richard’s original passion in sports had always been the game of tennis, but over a period of time the wear and tear on his knees made it challenging to play. A conversation with a neighbor prompted Richard to try a sport he always thought was for “wimps.” Today, he is captivated by the game of golf. In fact, his golf clubs have almost as many frequent flyer miles as he does.


Richard says, “This is my ministry. As a teenager, I knew God had a special direction for my life. In the beginning, I felt I would spend my career on a church staff, but that wasn’t what God had in store for me. My beliefs form the foundation of all that I teach. If people will listen to my teachings, then I can help them find a quality of life that will take them to their Best Life possible.”


What makes Richard so special? It’s the ability to cut through all the noise, to help people see and solve the heart of their problems. He’s entertaining, poignant, and he will reach you in a way few speakers can do on a very personal and lasting level.

Allan Freedman

Vice President of Workforce Development, Associated Builders and Contractors

You are one of the most energetic, expressive individuals I have ever met. Your presentation methods are so energizing and invigorating that time passes much too quickly when you are the featured speaker.

Elaine West

Realtor, Greater Lansing Association of REALTORS

We thoroughly enjoyed your A Day At The Zoo presentation. Your delivery was so engaging that I lost all track of time and totally engorged our staff. By any measure, you are a very effective speaker and educator.

Frank DiGiola

CEO, Fort Productions, Inc.

Our Spring Convention was one of our best-attended training events ever. Over 2000 retailers attended our breakout sessions and were very pleased with the learning opportunity. A summary of the conference evaluations is still being compiled and so far you have scored in the upper 3’s (with a 4 being the best) for both your Motivational & Leadership seminars.

Elizabeth Hurley & Karen Johnson

Directors, Ace Hardware Corporation

You were great! Your presentations were exactly what we hoped they would be…passionate, inspiring, and packed with useful ideas.

Marcia Arger

Director, Convention and Meetings Associated Equipment Distributors

I must say that of all the educational programs and speakers we have used over the years, yours ranked #1 with our association.

Pamela Johnson

Realtor, Sacramento Association of REALTORS

Thank you very much for helping to make our VMGMA Conference one of our most successful meetings ever. You started our meeting with enthusiasm and inspiration and we maintained this momentum through the balance of our meeting. You were the most highly rated speaker on our slate.

Lucien W. Roberts, III

Administrator, Virginia Medical Group Management Association

I must say that of all the educational programs and speakers we have used over the years, yours ranked #1 with our association.

Pamela Johnson

Realtor, Sacramento Association of REALTORS

To quote some of their feedback: ‘Wonderful’… ‘Richard Flint expanded our growth today’…‘Great presentation with Richard Flint’… ‘One of the best programs I’ve ever attended.’ This is feedback that a program manager likes to hear!

Aydee Kozak

Program Manager, National Association of REALTORS

It is always a scary thing being the one to choose the keynote speaker for your company meeting, and it made me a bit nervous….I am extremely pleased to tell you that I received many phone calls, voicemails, and cards from people telling me THANKS for bringing you to our sales meeting.

Pattie Hackmann

Assistant Vice President, Sacramento Association of REALTORS

Richard, your presentation was the third time you’ve addressed our members. They haven’t tired of you yet! Neither have I! You’ll be back again before you know it.

George W. Lemke

Executive Director, Casket and Funeral Supply Association of America, Inc.

Thank you very much for the informative, inspiring, and uplifting morning you provided for the sales people in Southern California. They enjoyed your time with them very much and were able to pull information from you that will help them to continue to grow as sales people and as people.

Debra Estrada

Vice President of Sales, Fidelity National Home Warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

What drives you to do what you do?

My entire adult life has been dedicated to helping people find the pathway to a “better, more productive life.” I realized early on that God had given me a special gift of helping people find the pathway beyond the struggles they face in life. Yes, there are days when I wonder whether anyone is listening, but then I get an email or a phone call from someone sharing with me what my message meant to their life. That RECHARGES my battery, and I am ready for the next challenge. People, challenges, finding clarity, finding the life they were put on this earth to have – THAT IS WHAT DRIVES ME!!

What do you want for anyone part of your life?

Since the day I started this awesome journey of helping people, I have always wanted three things for them – to be better, to be smarter, and to stand taller. May sound strange, but there is “more” for every person, and I want to use my gifts and talents to help them find their pathway to improvement. I know many people get stuck in their Circle of Sameness, and I want them to find the knowledge, the process, to learn how to take control of their life, rather than their life controlling them.

What makes your coaching program different from all the others out there?

First, I don’t consider myself a “coach.” I don’t coach people; I mentor them. Most coaching programs only deal with one aspect of a person’s life. I believe you live in 4 Rooms – Business, Family, Social, and Personal. When I am in a person’s life for a year, we deal with all 4 rooms. The strength to any person is the strength of the connection between these rooms. If I only help you with one room, I have hurt you in the other three. I work to strengthen you by strengthening the connection of all your rooms.

You are known for your philosophies and have written many of them. What are your favorites?

For 30+ years, I have started my day writing a philosophy to build my day around. In fact, this was the seed bed to my Morning Minute. Of all the philosophies I have written, these are my top 5:

  • Behavior Never Lies
  • Anything You Don’t Confront, You Validate
  • You Have A Presence That Is Present When You Aren’t Present
  • You Are Exactly In Your Life Where You Want To Be
  • If What You Say Is Contradicted By What You Do, Then You Are Lying To Yourself And All Those You Have Said It To

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