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Are You Ready? Digital Download

Are You Ready?  Digital Download
Product Code: 5001-RUR-mp3
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Are You Ready?

Learning The Process That Will Allow You To Break Free of The Circle of Sameness


How many times have you talked about what you wanted to achieve only to find yourself running into an emotional wall that stops your journey?  You had told yourself this was what you wanted; you took the time to plan out what needed to be done; you thought you were ready, but then your emotions brought you to a halt.


This program examines the behaviors that keep you trapped in the Circle of Sameness. It will open your eyes to behavioral things you do without even realizing you are doing them.  You will explore these emotional walls, and then be guided through what it takes to tear these emotional walls down and achieve your mission.


Product:  MP3 Autio Digital Download (Program Length 54:23)


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