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Mastering The 5 Skills for Effective Leadership

Mastering-the-5-Skills-LeadershipThe role of Leader will always take one of two directions inside an organization: a leader that leads, or a leader that becomes a participant in the confusion.  The strength and effectiveness of the group depends on which direction the appointed Leader takes the people.




For the organization to grow, the effective Leader will work to strengthen the five most important people skills they must have:

  • Listening
  • Communication
  • Confrontation
  • Delegation
  • Decision-Making

Everything starts with the Leader being a strong listener. Without that, the other four skills cannot be strengthening. Listening is where the Leader hears what is being said with both words and behavior.

Communication is the skill of taking the right information, asking the right questions, and pulling people together through a common purpose, common agenda, and a common commitment. Confrontation is the skill of finding resolution. Delegation is the skill of using the talents of each person so the organization continues to move forward with the support of the people. This is critical to Decision-Making!

This program examines each of these skills and prepares Leadership with the insights and information to make these five skills the foundation for leading their people.

Remember, for any business to continue to grow there must be a Leader!! This person has the passion to lead, the knowledge to resolve the issues, and the skills to challenge the company to continue to improve in the delivering of quality in all areas. 

Time Requirement: 90 minutes to 3 Hours