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No Excuse Management

image-programs-no-excuseManaging and motivating people can be two of the most challenging aspects of running an organization. Richard’s No Excuse Management program takes you through the 4 learnable, but rarely taught skills and traits of Outstanding Managers. In a short time, you’ll walk away with the precise tools you need to make your managing more effective, easier, and with intended results.


Learn the difference between being a Manager and a Leader, and how being a leader effectively eliminates problems before they start. Learn the solution to handling confrontation in a way that motivates, instead of derails, an employee’s morale and gets you the results that you need. Discover how to create effective accountability, by building a team culture of self-motivation and self-management.

Look for Richard’s proven techniques and priceless information including:

  • How to implement the easy steps to eradicating the TOP 7 management excuses.
  • Implementing the process of helping your people to invest their time in correct behaviors that will generate results, rather than excuses.
  • Sequentially increasing growth within the organization by stepping up leadership.
  • Breaking down the SECRET leadership techniques Fortune 500 Companies use that separate them from the competition.


Remember, as long as management makes excuses for or accepts the excuses of their people, their people have no reason to change their action pattern.

Time Requirement: 3 to 5 Hours

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