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Sponges, Spectators & Camels

Understanding The Three Groups That Make Up The Environment of Every Company

Sponges Spectators Camels Program by Richard FlintThe challenge for most companies is not the quality of their product; it is creating a workforce of impact! In one of the most unique programs Richard Flint has ever created he is going to walk you through the inner people who make-up your company. You are going to walk the pathways and learn about the Sponges, Spectators and Camels. These are the three groups that go to work each day and create the reputation you will have with your customers. The people are real; the characteristics are accurate and YOU will know who is who.



Just some of the insights you are going to gather:

  • Who are the Sponges?
  • Why are you keeping less than 1% of them?
  • Who are these Spectators?
  • Why are they the enemy of the company?
  • Who are your Camels?
  • Why are companies losing their strength and keeping their weakness? 

This is no ordinary program; it is the most important walk you will ever make through your company.

Time Requirement: 90 minutes