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Want the insider information on the questions most often asked to Richard’s Staff?

Here are three of our favorites…

Where did he get THAT shirt?

Richard Flint on Stage2Richard used to wear suits with suspenders and colorful (and we mean colorful) ties. He decided he wanted to express himself more and had these shirts designed just for him. He has a closet full of these shirts (check out his closet below) with more on their way. 

Speaking of shirts, the shoes get a lot of attention too! Richard loves bright yellow because it reflects his dynamic energy and presence. And Richard has lots of energy. Those ostrich and gator shoes (and belts too) are made at Giorgio’s in Palm Beach, FL. Yes, they are custom fit and made just for him!

Where in the world is Richard Today?

Richard is known as a stand-in for the Energizer Bunny (did we mention that Richard has lots of energy?)!

210 daysHe travels over 210 days per year (usually on a plane!) and only needs to sleep 4 hours a night! With all those requests for speaking he has had plenty of travel stories. He usually flies Delta and many Delta employees know him by name. In fact, at one point he was in the Top 10% of mileage earners of any Delta Passengers worldwide (we think the pilots may fly more than him, but there is some debate about that.)


He has had……

29 Hotel Fires

Lightning Jet19 flights on which people died (our condolences to their families and loved ones)

5 planes hit by lightening (maybe that’s why he has so much energy)

4 people have vomited ON him (imagine that mess with 4 hours left on the flight. Yes, it’s a true story)

3 earthquakes

2 hurricanes

AND 1 HUGE Flood

As added bonuses to his adventuresome life, his stories include his cab driver in Washington DC was arrested and he was just left sitting there on the side of the road, attacked by live lobsters that got loose on the plane, and a lap top completely ruined by an overzealous coffee pouring flight attendant.

Richard is dedicated to helping people create their best life possible. It is his crusade, and as you can see we can truly say, “Come hell or high-water Richard will be there.”

How did Richard Flint go from being abandoned on a street corner to becoming an internationally recognized educational entertainer?

New OrleansRichard’s story is shocking, powerful and inspiring. Born to a prostitute in New Orleans, adopted into a home where his adopted mother never wanted him, Richard was abandoned by his family on a street corner at the age of 16 with only a suitcase of clothes. You want to talk about never feeling you were loved or wanted!?!

Richard’s success is about choices, consistency, self-truthfulness, dedication and hard work.

Richard made a choice to continue school and was encouraged by his high school coaches to apply for funding. He went on to college with tennis and football scholarships. 4 degrees later (Secondary Education, Ethics, Philosophy and Psychology) and a strong desire to be of service to the world, Richard Flint guides others to their best life possible based on the experience and knowledge that has lead him to happiness, personal fulfillment and freedom.

We encourage you to read, ‘BREAKING FREE ’ to learn more about Richard’s life story and discover the details on the tools and techniques that got him that beautiful Rolls. We hope to see you driving the car of your dreams someday soon too! Make sure to send us a picture. We’ll post it on the website!