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The Man Behind the Shirts

One of the most frequently asked questions to Richard Flint is Where did you get that shirt?

Flint shirt closetThe truth is Richard’s shirts come from all over the world!

Now, don’t tell anyone but before he wore the shirts, Richard wore suits!  Don’t worry - his ties were extra colorful. Then, one day while shopping in Las Vegas, he wandered into a men’s store that specialized in exotic shirts. He took one look and the shirt journey began. The shirts, with all their bright colors and different patterns, have become his trademark. When you attend one of his live sessions, a soft murmur can often be heard, "What shirt is he going to wear today?"

It has been said on more than one occasion it takes a very confident person to wear those shirts.The colors and the patterns, are all part of Richard’s unique personality. To him, his shirts are representative of his spirit. Richard lives his life through his imagination and that filters out through his creative energy and generous spirit... and yes, his shirts.


So, who is this unique Man Behind The Shirt?

The Man Behind The Shirt is an introvert whose career forces him to be an extrovert. Now, you might find that hard to believe, but off stage Richard enjoys a very quiet and solitude life. As he says, “My life is crowds, and when I am off the stage, I love the serenity of coming home and enjoying a time of quietness."

The Man Behind The Shirt is a very driven person who is totally committed to his crusade of helping people. On and off the road his days are filled with reading, researching and writing material he feels will help people calm their life and find their Best Life possible. He puts it this way, “I want people to find the true meaning of happiness, personal fulfillment and the freedom God placed them on this earth to have.”

The Man Behind The Shirt is a family man. If you know Richard at all, you understand that family was one thing Richard never really experienced. With the example put forth by his adoptive parents, Richard was confident he would spend his life as a bachelor. God, however, intervened and Karen entered his life. Married since 1994, they have made a life long commitment to each other through hard work, dedication and an appreciation for each other.

The Man Behind The Shirt understands the need for balance in his life. With his schedule it might be challenging to believe there is time left for play, BUT Richard understands the need for balancing all Four Rooms of his life. He works diligently everyday to maintain the stability that is absolutely necessary for living his Best Life and that filters out through the connections he makes with people everyday.

Flint ParmakerThe Man Behind The Shirt is a golfer. His sports passion had always been tennis, but over a period of time the wear and tear on his knees made it challenging to play. A conversation with a neighbor prompted Richard to try a sport he always thought was for “wimps!” Today he is captivated by the game of golf. In fact, his golf clubs have almost as many frequent flyer miles as he does.

The Man Behind The Shirt is a very spiritual person. As he says, “This is my ministry. As a teenager I knew God had a special direction for my life. In the beginning I felt I would spend my career on a church staff, but that wasn’t what God had in store for me. My beliefs form the foundation of all that I teach. My faith strengthens my belief if people will listen to my teachings, I can help them find a quality of life that will take them to their Best Life Possible.”


So, who is Richard Flint?

He is a man on a crusade to help ALL people find the life they were put on this earth to have. His CDS, his DVDS, his BOOKS, his MORNING MINUTE®, his CONFERENCE CALLS, HIS LIFE is all about helping people find their Best Life Possible!