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Richard Flint is a man who helps people gain focus. He was a hit at the 2003 ABC Education Conferences and ABC has brought him back for four special programs at the 2004 Convention. Attend one and you'll want to attend them all... What makes Richard so special? It's his ability to cut through all the noise to help people see (and solve) the heart of their problems. It's the 80/20 rule: only 20 percent of what we do really matters. Richard just helps you figure out what that 20 percent is. It's also the simple fact that you wish you had more time with Richard--time flies when he speaks. He's entertaining, poignant and he will reach you in a way few speakers can on a very personal and lasting level.

Allan Freedman, Vice President of Workforce Development Associated Builders and Contractors

You are one of the most energetic, expressive individuals I have ever met. Your presentation methods are so energizing and invigorating that time passes much too quickly when you are the featured speaker!

Elaine West, Greater Lansing Association of REALTORS

We thoroughly enjoyed your "A DAY AT THE ZOO” presentation. Your delivery was so engaging that I lost all track of time and totally engaged our staff. By any measure you are a very effective speaker and educator. We all found your comments regarding the different personalities of the zoo animals especially intriguing. On behalf of Fort Productions, Inc., thank you for a memorable presentation and I hope you will visit us again.

Frank DiGiola CEO, Fort Productions, Inc.

The answer to what happened to our business was in your program "THE NEXT DIMENSION: CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.” We stopped growing but we are starting to grow again. I want the employees to become familiar with your program because it is going to be our foundation. I am proud of my people because they have found a way on their own to listen to your tapes every day.

Gary Carpenter, Kansas Auto Repair

You were great! Your presentations were exactly what we hoped they would be…passionate, inspiring and packed with useful ideas. You filled the members with lots of good information—both industry-wise and story-wise. As you can see from the evaluations of your “Bring the Customer Back!” presentations, you received excellent ratings and attendee comments are simply the best. We sincerely appreciate your talents as an individual and as an absolute master of your subject matter.

Marcia Arger, Director Convention and Meetings Associated Equipment Distributors

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