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Balancing Work and Family


Simple truth – a life without balance will always have confusion for all who are part of the family environment. Balance is a critical aspect of a family being able to share a common purpose, a common agenda and a common commitment. Without Balance, the conflict will overshadow the desire to have a connected life. Without Balance, there will always be discontent and a lack of each feeling valuable to the family.


Balancing Work and Family is a must program for those who want a life where there is connection, harmony, a sense of togetherness and knowing they are important to the growth of the family.

In this revealing program you will learn:

  • how we lose this sense of balance
  • the emotions that develop when people don’t feel important
  • the in-depth meaning to the number one thing a human wants to know is that they matter
  • the 7 things that are creating this unbalance today
  • learn the step-by-step process for balancing the two largest rooms in your life.

Remember, when you lack balance in your life, you live on a collision course with yourself and the others who share life with you. With balance you can create a common purpose, a common agenda and a common commitment.