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The Power of Change

Power-of-ChangePeople want to improve as long as they don’t have to change anything.  Change is a part of life that most resist. This program is an insightful examination of how to turn the fear of change into enthusiasm for improvement.  It will take the emphasis off of what has been and place it on what can be achieved.




 Major insights covered in this program:

  • Understanding the 6 Fears Change creates

  • What causes people to resist Change

  • Learning the purpose of Change to one’s life

  • Learning what Change brings to a human life

  • Connecting Change to Improvement

  • Understanding the 3 Steps to implementing Change


The lessons people will take away from this program:

  • Why you fear change

  • How to open your life to accepting change

  • What you have to do to turn change to improvement


Remember, the Power of Change is critical for any human to grow!

Time Requirement: 90 minutes to 2 Hours

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