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Where's Your Life Taking You?

Wheres Your Life Taking YouIn my conversations with people, whether in a counseling situation or just in a general conversation, the topic will somehow get around to “Direction.” I have found that the majority of people struggle with the direction of their life. Many feel lost, frustrated with what is happening in and to their life and they can’t see the path that will take them forward. You know I believe your life only has two directions it can go – in circles or forward.



From all these questions about “the direction of life,” I have researched and created my new seminar “Where’s Your Life Taking You?” This program is about helping individuals find the path forward. It is always there, but most have lived in their Circle of Sameness for so long, they can’t see the exit.

Here is the Guiding Thought the program is built around:

Your life is never standing still. It is always taking you somewhere. The question is, “Is it taking you in the direction you talk about wanting to go?” Truth is – you are always moving in a direction, but is that direction taking you forward or strengthening your Circle of Sameness?

Here are a few of the insights I cover:

  1. For most, where is their life actually taking them
  2. You are where you are today because of the choices you have made
  3. The top 5 excuses people use to justify their lack of growth
  4. What can you learn from every aspect of your life
  5. What your choices say about you
  6. 7 things that actually define the purpose you have for your life


This insightful program concludes with the 9 Steps For Taking Your Life In The Right Direction:

  1. Determine Who You Are
  2. Invest In Who You Are
  3. Refuse To Give Control Of Your Life Away
  4. Experience Life; Don’t Expect Life To Just Happen
  5. Complete What You Start
  6. Take Your Life At A Pace You Can Manage
  7. Increase Your Sense Of Adventure
  8. Opt For The Truth
  9. Never Stay Where You Know You Don’t Belong

You were put on this earth to move forward, not stay the same. The only way you will find the purpose for your life is to trust yourself enough to seek the adventure that awaits you. Adventure is what keeps you focusing on the terrain and continuing to find the next mountain to climb.

Time Requirements: 60-90 minutes