7 Steps For Successful Selling



You can choose to just be a salesperson and do an average job, or you can choose to be great as a salesperson and continue to expand your customer base. This program shows you how to learn from those who have chosen the pathway to sales greatness and create a step-by-step process that is the difference between being “average” and being “GREAT.”

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Selling is so much more than simply having a product and taking it to a customer. It’s about believing in YOU, believing in what YOU are doing, believing in YOUR product. At the core, it’s all about YOU creating a PRESENCE of VALUE with your customer.

Listen, the concept of selling hasn’t changed, but the sales arena has, and always will be, in change. The approach that worked for you yesterday may not be the approach that is best for today, because you need to learn how to make a connection with your client.

In this CD program Richard is going to:

  • Make sense of what today’s customer is asking for and how you can deliver
  • Instruct you on the SECRET to reading your customer and adjusting your presentation to maintain a growing relationship with them
  • Help you implement the 7 Key Steps to creating a sales presence that stays with the customer and keeps them coming back every time

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