Behavior Never Lies



The real definition of who a person is defined by their behavior.  You will explore the eight steps to balancing words with behavior.

Is that simply a statement or is it truth?

Is truth the words a person speaks or the behavior they act out?

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Behavior Never Lies is more than a statement; it is a truth that when understood and accepted, will reshape one’s understanding of the people who are part of their environment. The real definition of who a person is — is defined by their behavior. Words explain, while behavior defines the real message a person is speaking.

The contradiction between what a person says and what they do forms the foundation to most of the human confusion a person experiences. When spoken words and acted out behavior are not in sync, one will feel confusion, frustration and disappointment. Inside the pages of Behavior Never Lies the reader will explore the eight steps to balancing words and behavior.

Step 1: Believing In You
Step 2: Expanding Your Horizon
Step 3: Holding Yourself Accountable
Step 4: Addressing Your Inconsistencies
Step 5: Very Carefully Align Yourself With The Right People
Step 6: Increase Your Awareness
Step 7: Operating Your Life At A Manageable Pace
Step 8: Refusing To Go Backward

With these eight steps as a guide, the reader will be prepared to live a life where they are free to reach a place where confusion and contradiction no longer define who they are. They will completely understand the thought — all behavior has an agenda. They will clearly grasp the idea — all human lives collide at the point of agendas. Agendas are not defined by words, but by behavior.

When one finishes reading Behavior Never Lies, they will lean back, pause and say, “Now I understand!”

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