Dictionary of Human Behavior: Leadership Vol. 3



A Dictionary of Human Behavior: Leadership is an examination of 131 terms used in the world of leadership. The terms will be familiar, but the definitions may be different. As you read each definition, pause and really think through the words of the definition. I think you will find them to be connected to real life and filled with insights for leadership improvement.

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Without strong leadership an organization is left to find its own way through the jungle of business confusion. When you listen and study the rise and fall of companies, you hear conversations about “What the economy did,” or “What the people didn’t do,” or “What went wrong.” Seldom do you hear the truth being spoken about the REAL story. The issue isn’t or hasn’t been the economy or the people. The REAL issue is all about the lack of strong leadership.

A company will rise or fall based on the leadership. The purpose of leadership is to LEAD! The challenge with most who have been given the responsibility to lead is they have become a participant in the confusion they have created by their lack of leadership. They allowed the confusion to happen because they wouldn’t stand up and provide the leadership necessary to keep the company moving forward.

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