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Success demands focus.

It requires a sense of balance and can only be achieved with the proper understanding of discipline. These eight CDs contain over 9 hours of insights and processes that will allow you to see the power of being able to maintain focus, achieve balance and strengthen your journey with discipline.

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In this learning experience, you are going to:

  • Examine what being scattered does to your life
  • The meaning of focus
  • How to not only strengthen your focus, but maintain it
  • Face why it is so challenging to create and maintain balance
  • The meaning of priority, and how to define priorities
  • How to implement a program of balance in your life

Walk through the concept of discipline by seeing how discipline works with focus and balance. Examine why you start things you don’t complete and learn the process of implementing discipline in order to find the freedom to achieve your full success.

Does any of this sound like insights you need? This is not just information; it is the doorway to your journey to personal freedom.

8 CD Set

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