From Great To Exceptional In Customer Service MP3



Guiding Thought:  It is not about how good you think you are at taking care of your customers! It is what the customer feels about the service they received from your people.

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With all that has been talked about and taught concerning customer service, there is still a void in the consistency of what is being delivered. Most companies start with their focus on people, process and profit. Then, when things are going okay, money is coming in and they feel comfortable, the emphasis changes to profit, process and then PEOPLE.

This one change creates a completely different company. When PEOPLE are no longer the focus, the entire meaning of customer service is redefined – behavior isn’t confronted, things become acceptable that shouldn’t be, and the internal customer becomes a tool, not a valuable part of who the company is. The need is to get back to people, process and profit. This is the only way any organization can become exceptional in delivering customer service.

Here’s just some of the information covered in this powerful program:

  • The 7 elements that are affecting the deliverance of exceptional customer care
  • Discover 8 things that are creating the majority of customer disappointment
  • An explanation of what has happened to leadership
  • Learn the 11 Steps to becoming exceptional in customer care
  • Conclude with the 5 exceptional commitments.

You have a choice as an organization – you can settle for whom you have been or make the commitment to become exceptional. The path to exceptional is not easy, but with the right leadership and the right people sharing a common purpose, common agenda and common commitment exceptional customer service can happen.



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