No Excuse Management



It’s amazing how many managers spend their time either making excuses for or justifying the non-productive behavior of the people they are managing. What many fail to realize is — as long as they make excuses for or refuse to confront the excuses of their people, the people have no reason to face their behavior.

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In this insightful 12-part program, Richard explores how management makes excuses for their people, why they make those excuses and what it takes to hold people accountable. You will explore the difference between leadership and management and learn the role of each in the company environment. The conclusion shows you what great companies do that separate themselves from the competition and how they make sure they can keep their quality people.

Part 1 • It’s A New Day Dawning
Part 2 • The Changing Front
Part 3 • Toward Competent Leadership
Part 4 • Building A Support Group
Part 5 • Toward Competent Leadership
Part 6 • Overcoming The Fear of Conflict
Part 7 • The Leader As Communicator
Part 8 • The Leader As Decision Maker
Part 9 • Entrepreneurial Spirit
Part 10 • Leader From Within
Part 11 • Using Resources Resourcefully
Part 12 • No More Excuses

12 CD Set

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