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Over the years, I have found that most people struggle with the limitations they place on their self. A limitation is simply an opportunity to find the challenge within the situation.  It is these limitations that create the emotional boundaries that we continually surround our life with. Every day provides you with only two choices: stay where you are or prepare your life to move forward.

No Limits is about total personal freedom, about you releasing yourself from those limitations that have made you a hostage in your own life.

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In Part One, Limiting Your Life Through Restrictions, we’re going to talk about what limitations are and why we choose these limitations for our life. This is important because it is the limitations that define our boundaries that result in us being a hostage in our own life.  Then, we will walk through the 12 steps to removing those restrictions.

In Part Two, The 7 Factors That Keep You Living a Limited Life, we’re going to explore the most common boundaries that people wrestle with in their life. As you view these boundaries, you will have a clear picture of where you are now and where your life can be.

In Part Three, Rising Above The World of Limitations, we will explore the 11 lessons to freeing your life from your self-imposed limitations and having the power to live the life God put you on this earth to live. With this freedom, you will have an unrestricted life, filled with adventure and soaring toward success in all areas of your life.

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