Stop Chasing Your Tail



In this series, Richard Flint will show you how to slow your pace down and achieve more in less time. He will teach you how to stop running into yourself and have a life that is calm. He will give you the insights to help you maintain your focus, manage your time and live with less exhaustion.

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So many people today are “Chasing Their Tail.” They spend each day going in circles and not accomplishing as much as they could. At the end of the day they are exhausted, frustrated and feeling they didn’t get much, if anything, achieved.

The challenge is “Chasing Their Tail” becomes a lifestyle. They spin faster and faster believing the faster they move, the more they will accomplish. Reality is the faster they move the less productive they become. Our fast-paced society has learned how to live out of control and accepts it as the way life is. Life is not meant to be out of control, frustrating, overwhelming or spent chasing your tail.

Here are four benefits to learning to stop Chasing Your Tail:

  • There is less stress in your life
  • A calmer you will achieve more in less time
  • Internally, slowing down creates a healthier you
  • Less confusion in your life creates a more successful you
  • What is your mental and emotional health worth?

6 CD Set

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