The Psychology Of Achieving Personal Greatness



This series has been described as a PhD course in life. Richard really gets to the core of it all. What’s life all about, anyway.

A walk-through the five steps that allows one to take growth from a concept to a process that will generate a clear pathway to personal achievement.

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Growth is not automatic. It is a process one has to prepare for. That preparation includes internal preparation, creating and maintaining a focus, creating a plan you believe in, taking the right action, and surrounding one’s self with people who challenge and support one’s dream. Without this process in place, a person will struggle with a lack of understanding and direction.

Step 1: The Cost Of Greatness (4 CDs) – You can only go as far as the price you are willing to pay.

Step 2: Creating The Focus (4 CDs) – Growth demands you be able to design and maintain your focus.

Step 3 – Planning The Journey (5 CDs) – A total creation of designing a personal plan for achievement.

Step 4: Taking Action (3 CDs) – Learning how to sharpen the focus and work the plan to take the correct action steps.

Step 5: Learning To Team Up (3 CDs) – Learning the process that allows you to surround yourself with others who help you achieve greatness.

This series is for your quiet times when you want to take personal inventory of you and your life. Are you doing what you want? Getting what you want out of life? What does your life mean to you?

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