Treating Your Business Like A Business



Join Richard for this in-depth look at running your business as a business, rather than pretending you are a business owner.

Let’s face it! A real business is not a playroom; it is a workroom defined by a solid work ethic, the implementing of the right behavior and a “never die attitude.” Many people who start their own business fail because they can’t manage their self.

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Guiding Thought: Until your business becomes a business, it is simply a thought you keep throwing money at hoping something will happen.

Some of the thought provoking insights include:

  • The 8 all-telling indicators that you aren’t treating your business as a business
  • What 4 things you can do immediately to start managing yourself
  • 10 principles for making your business a REAL business
  • The top 5 results that you have done something right within your business

Remember: Succeeding in business is about gathering the right knowledge and implementing it with the right behavior on a consistent basis.

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