When You Care, They Know



For years, the concept of customer service has been a focal point for all organizations, but the reality is very few have seen the positive results they have desired. The challenge has been the lack of a bridge that connected customer service with customer satisfaction.

Remember: The #1 Thing A Human Wants To Know Is That They Matter!

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Richard Flint has built the connecting bridge through his new program When You Care, They Know. In these insightful programs, you will walk with Richard through his research. You will gain a clear understanding that the missing piece of the puzzle is the lack of Customer Appreciation.

You will learn:

  • What demonstrates to the customer you appreciate them?
  • What saddens most customers’ experience?
  • The eight customer appreciation principles

Plus, other insights that can be implemented to strengthen the bridge of customer appreciation that connects the concept of customer service with the result of customer satisfaction.

2 CDs

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