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Leadership Programs

Richard Flint has been speaking and changing lives for over 30 years. His staying power comes from a strong following of successful corporate and association clients that invite him back year after year.

Those that are familiar with him make it a point to attend when he speaks because he doesn’t just ‘motivate’, he has the unique ability to help the audience gain long-term clarity, allowing them to refocus on their priorities, inspiring enduring action.

His subjects apply to all listeners and help them create sustainable passion for their lives, work, and relationships. He mentors and coaches businesses, groups, couples, and individuals with integrity, insight, and his years of experience as a successful counselor.

Richard has a program that is just right for your corporation, association, or small business. He can tailor any program to fit your needs, to solve your challenges, and to help you direct you and your company to new levels of profitability.


A Day At The Zoo


Richard Flint’s MOST POPULAR program, is filled with humor, accurate personality characteristics descriptions and understandings that will turn difficult people into workable assets. Utilizing real life stories, concrete examples and extensive research, he delves into the art of working with all the different personalities that leadership is faced with managing each day.


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The Value of Leadership

Value of Leadership Richard Flint Educational SeminarsThe question has been asked for years, “Are great leaders born great leaders?” My answer is, those who have become great leaders have been given the skills necessary to move people forward and have chosen to develop those skills.


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Sponges, Spectators & Camels

Understanding The Three Groups That Make Up The Environment of Every Company

Sponges Spectators Camels Program by Richard FlintThe challenge for most companies is not the quality of their product; it is creating a workforce of impact! In one of the most unique programs Richard Flint has ever created he is going to walk you through the inner people who make-up your company. You are going to walk the pathways and learn about the Sponges, Spectators and Camels. These are the three groups that go to work each day and create the reputation you will have with your customers. The people are real; the characteristics are accurate and YOU will know who is who.


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The Power of Change

Power-of-ChangePeople want to improve as long as they don’t have to change anything.  Change is a part of life that most resist.  This program is an insightful examination of how to turn the fear of change into enthusiasm for improvement.  It will take the emphasis off of what has been and place it on what can be achieved.


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Mastering The 5 Skills for Effective Leadership

Mastering-the-5-Skills-LeadershipThe role of Leader will always take one of two directions inside an organization: a leader that leads, or a leader that becomes a participant in the confusion.  The strength and effectiveness of the group depends on which direction the appointed Leader takes the people.


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Ownership vs. Leadership


For years I have worked with companies that bring me in because they are stuck in a business world that just keeps going in circles. Those circles create frustrations, insufficient business growth and the sense of being stuck! The reality is, they are stuck. My challenge has been helping them understand the difference between being the “Owner” and the “Leader.” Many don’t seem to grasp, The Owner cannot do everything by their self!



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Achieving a 5-Star Award in Customer Care

5-Star-Award-Customer-CareIn today’s business world, it is not as much about Customer Service as it is about Customer Care. Customer Service is the concept, while Customer Care is the demonstration. The challenge is we preach “Customer Service,” but then, don’t monitor “Customer Care.” The result is a disconnect between the business and the Customer.


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Wanted: Leaders That Lead!

Leaders That Lead - Richard Flint

The role of a Leader is to lead! As simple as that sounds, it is not something that happens just because someone is in a leadership position. Researched and written by request for a Leadership Forum, WANTED: Leaders That Lead! is a compelling and instructive look at the NEW role of Leadership in today’s transitional and temperamental market.


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Treating Your Business Like a Business

image-programs-treating-business 000Is your business stagnant? Having trouble figuring out what is holding your business back? Ready to start growing your business, rather than surviving? Then you NEED to hear Richard Flint's AMAZING leadership program, Treating Your Business Like A Business! Change the future of your business, change the future of your life.


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No Excuse Management

image-programs-no-excuseManaging and motivating people can be two of the most challenging aspects of running an organization. Richard’s No Excuse Management program takes you through the 4 learnable, but rarely taught skills and traits of Outstanding Managers. In a short time, you’ll walk away with the precise tools you need to make your managing more effective, easier, and with intended results.


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