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Personal Development Programs

Richard Flint has been speaking and changing lives for over 30 years. His staying power comes from a strong following of successful corporate and association clients that invite him back year after year.

Those that are familiar with him make it a point to attend when he speaks because he doesn’t just ‘motivate’, he has the unique ability to help the audience gain long-term clarity, allowing them to refocus on their priorities, inspiring enduring action.

His subjects apply to all listeners and help them create sustainable passion for their lives, work, and relationships. He mentors and coaches businesses, groups, couples, and individuals with integrity, insight, and his years of experience as a successful counselor.

Richard has a program that is just right for your corporation, association, or small business. He can tailor any program to fit your needs, to solve your challenges, and to help you direct you and your company to new levels of profitability.


The Power To Be!


There is a war being fought each day inside people. It is a war between the Old You, which wants you to stay the same, and the New You, which wants you to improve and grow. Here’s the truth about this battle – it is not just a sometime happening; it is everyday of your life and the winner gets control of your life. Think about that! You fight with yourself on a daily basis, and each day the winner gets to design what your day will look like.


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Balancing Work and Family


Simple truth – a life without balance will always have confusion for all who are part of the family environment. Balance is a critical aspect of a family being able to share a common purpose, a common agenda and a common commitment. Without Balance, the conflict will overshadow the desire to have a connected life. Without Balance, there will always be discontent and a lack of each feeling valuable to the family.


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Understanding Fear

Understanding-Fear-Program by Richard Flint

Important to understand – fear is a natural part of life. It is an aspect of life that “is!” The challenge is what you choose to do with your fear. When fear is present and YOU control it, it becomes a positive part of your life and keeps you moving at a pace you can manage.


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Learning to Finish What You Start

Learning-To-Finish-What-You-Start-program by Richard Flint

Most people live in a world of clutter! That’s more than a statement; it is a fact. If you look around their life and in their life, there are stacks of things, unfinished conversations, issues that continue – all because of one thing. They are great at starting, but not completing what they start. They don’t seem to realize the mental, emotional and physical clutter this creates. They don’t seem to grasp the fact what you don’t complete creates a constant drain and increases your stress.


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The Power of Change

Power-of-ChangePeople want to improve as long as they don’t have to change anything.  Change is a part of life that most resist. This program is an insightful examination of how to turn the fear of change into enthusiasm for improvement.  It will take the emphasis off of what has been and place it on what can be achieved.




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Where's Your Life Taking You?

Wheres Your Life Taking YouIn my conversations with people, whether in a counseling situation or just in a general conversation, the topic will somehow get around to “Direction.” I have found that the majority of people struggle with the direction of their life. Many feel lost, frustrated with what is happening in and to their life and they can’t see the path that will take them forward. You know I believe your life only has two directions it can go – in circles or forward.


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Bouncing Back

Bouncing-Back-programHas the past year knocked you down? Has life become a daily chore? Do you feel like you are struggling to keep you and your business afloat? Then you need to hear Richard Flint’s NEWEST program on increasing productivity and success.


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No Limits

No Limits Sales Program by Richard FlintWhen you restrict your life by allowing the “what ifs” run rampant, you are stifling your ability to take advantage of the success and happiness that is out there for you! No Limits is a powerfully positive program designed to free people of the restrictions they have accepted for their life.


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The Soul of a Champion

Soul of a Champion Personal Development Program by Richard FlintThe word CHAMPION often conjures up images of athletes, Greek gods and horse breeding, but what the word really indicates is more than muscle, mythology and natural born abilities. It’s the inner strength that allows you to preserve in an endeavor until you are victorious. This perseverance isn’t just something you are born with; it comes from your mental, emotional and spiritual core working together and ANYBODY can do it!


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Achieving Organization

OrganizationAchieving organization is one of the top challenges every life faces. The lack of organization leads to most of the negative behaviors that form the stumbling blocks people face. Richard Flint will share his proven techniques with your team!


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Achieving a Millionaire Mindset

image-programs-millionaireAre you unsatisfied with what you have accomplished in your life? Do you feel you are meant for something bigger but are unable to figure out how to get it? Do you want to be the BEST you can be? Then you NEED to hear Richard Flint’s MOST POPULAR success program, Achieving a Millionaire Mindset.


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