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Sales/Customer Care Programs

Richard Flint has been speaking and changing lives for over 30 years. His staying power comes from a strong following of successful corporate and association clients that invite him back year after year.

Those that are familiar with him make it a point to attend when he speaks because he doesn’t just ‘motivate’, he has the unique ability to help the audience gain long-term clarity, allowing them to refocus on their priorities, inspiring enduring action.

His subjects apply to all listeners and help them create sustainable passion for their lives, work, and relationships. He mentors and coaches businesses, groups, couples, and individuals with integrity, insight, and his years of experience as a successful counselor.

Richard has a program that is just right for your corporation, association, or small business. He can tailor any program to fit your needs, to solve your challenges, and to help you direct you and your company to new levels of profitability.


Understanding & Controlling Procrastination

Controlling-Procrastination-programLearning to Overcome the Behavior of Avoidance Which Results in Personal Confusion

Guiding Thought:  As long as one procrastinates, they must repeat yesterday in today.

Every person procrastinates. That is a fact. Most people make it a standard behavior. What they fail to realize is the mental, emotional and physical damage procrastination does to their life.  The insights and information in this program will help you understand why you continue to procrastinate and show you a step-by-step plan for moving beyond procrastination in all areas of your life.  Procrastination is one of the top creators of confusion and stress.

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Where's Your Life Taking You?

Wheres Your Life Taking YouIn my conversations with people, whether in a counseling situation or just in a general conversation, the topic will somehow get around to “Direction.” I have found that the majority of people struggle with the direction of their life. Many feel lost, frustrated with what is happening in and to their life and they can’t see the path that will take them forward. You know I believe your life only has two directions it can go – in circles or forward.


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Achieving a Millionaire Mindset

image-programs-millionaireAre you unsatisfied with what you have accomplished in your life? Do you feel you are meant for something bigger but are unable to figure out how to get it? Do you want to be the BEST you can be? Then you NEED to hear Richard Flint’s MOST POPULAR success program, Achieving a Millionaire Mindset.


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No Limits

No Limits Sales Program by Richard FlintWhen you restrict your life by allowing the “what ifs” run rampant, you are stifling your ability to take advantage of the success and happiness that is out there for you! No Limits is a powerfully positive program designed to free people of the restrictions they have accepted for their life.


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Bouncing Back

Bouncing-Back-programHas the past year knocked you down? Has life become a daily chore? Do you feel like you are struggling to keep you and your business afloat? Then you need to hear Richard Flint’s NEWEST program on increasing productivity and success.


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When You Care, They Know!

When You Care, They Know - Sales Training by Richard FlintIn today’s business climate, the quality of the relationship between your company and your customer may be the difference between basic survival and a thriving business. Get the latest in customer service research, with Richard’s “When You Care, They Know — Creating the Ultimate Customer Experience.


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The Power of Working Together!

image Power Working TogetherHow important is harmony among people to creating quality in all aspects of the organization? When people aren’t working together, there are cliques, collisions and agendas that aren’t in sync with where the company wants to go. Without the spirit of togetherness, people will establish their own agenda and that is dangerous.


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