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Its Your TimeTreating Your BusinessHow to Stand Tall The Meaning of TimeThe Meaning of Time 25 Laws to Build SuccessMission Possible 2017 mtc3 Components of Success 2017Creator of Business 2017Soul of a Champion 2017Power to Make Exceptional Choices Are You Ready 2017      

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 It's Your Time  Learn how to get the time for you!  7/19/16
 Treating Your Business Like A Business  Growing a successful business is more than Owning Your Business!  8/16/16
 How To Stand Tall  Learn to STAND TALL When Your Life is Upside Down!  9/20/16
 The Meaning of Time - Part 1 & 2  We will discuss the most precious gift you have - Time!  10/18/16
 The 5 Laws To Build Your Success Journey  Learn the 5 Laws To Build Your Success!  12/20/16
 Mission Possible  8 Keys to having a year of turning Possibilities into Opportunities!  1/17/17
 3 Components of a Successful Life  Everyone has a dream life they talk about, but very few every reach it.  2/21/17
 Becoming a Creator of Business  Learn what it really means to be in business.  3/21/17
 The Soul of a Champion  Every one of us has the potential to be successful with our life!  4/18/17
 The Power To Make Exceptional Choices  Choices are a statement!  5/16/17
 Are You Ready?  Learn to move your life beyond your Circle of Sameness!  6/20/17