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The Soul of a Champion, May 2017 Becoming a Creator of Business, March 2017 3 Components of a Successful Life, February 2017 Mission Possible! January 2017 5 Laws To Build Your 2017 Success Journey December 2017 The Meaning of Time, Part 2 November 2016 The Meaning of Time, Part 1 October 2016 How To Stand Tall! September 2016 Treating Your Business Like A Business! August 2016 It's Your Time! July 2016 Where's Your Life Taking You? June 2016 Understanding Fear May 2016
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Understanding Fear  A 4-step plan that will allow you to control the fears you face.  5/17/16
 Where's Your Life Taking You?  Learn the solution you can implement that will lessen the struggle!  6/21/16
 It's Your Time  Learn how to get the time for you!  7/19/16
 Treating Your Business Like A Business  Growing a successful business is more than Owning Your Business!  8/16/16
 How To Stand Tall  Learn to STAND TALL When Your Life is Upside Down!  9/20/16
 The Meaning of Time - Part 1 & 2  We will discuss the most precious gift you have - Time!  10/18/16
 The 5 Laws To Build Your Success Journey  Learn the 5 Laws To Build Your Success!  12/20/16
 Mission Possible  8 Keys to having a year of turning Possibilities into Opportunities!  1/17/17
 3 Components of a Successful Life  Everyone has a dream life they talk about, but very few every reach it.  2/21/17
 Becoming a Creator of Business  Learn what it really means to be in business.  3/21/17
 The Soul of a Champion  Every one of us has the potential to be successful with our life!  4/18/17
 The Power To Make Exceptional Choices  Choices are a statement!  5/16/17
 Are You Ready?  Learn to move your life beyond your Circle of Sameness!  6/20/17