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The Morning Minute Program

Do you need an energy boost in the morning?

Would you like to get recharged, refocused and in control of the direction of your life?

Then, you need to join Richard each morning as he gives you one of his thoughts to challenge your day.

The Morning Minute® is a unique way to start your day; each day you receive a 60-second video message from Richard Flint. The message gives you one of Richard's thought provoking philosophies to guide you through your day.

If you know Richard, you know he believes what you put into your head in the morning creates the day you will have.

The Morning Minute is you and Richard Flint connected to create the clarity necessary to have a day of success and achievement.



Richard Flint, CSP

Richard Flint rthandMost of us don’t mentally prepare for our day, so we end up getting emotionally sucked into our day. This makes a day emotionally challenging.

What if I could help you start your day with an energy boost designed to help you mentally and emotionally prepare for your day?  Would that be of value to you?

My Morning Minute® is designed to do exactly that!

It is you and I, each morning face-to-face for one minute! In that one minute I am going to challenge you with a thought, which will awaken your mind and emotionally calm you down. Together, we are going to join forces to help you have a life that just keeps getting, calmer, clearer and better.

WOW!  Wouldn’t that create a more productive you?!!!

I want to start each day by telling you, "Good Morning!"


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