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Understanding & Controlling Procrastination

Controlling-Procrastination-programLearning to Overcome the Behavior of Avoidance Which Results in Personal Confusion

Guiding Thought:  As long as one procrastinates, they must repeat yesterday in today.

Every person procrastinates. That is a fact. Most people make it a standard behavior. What they fail to realize is the mental, emotional and physical damage procrastination does to their life.  The insights and information in this program will help you understand why you continue to procrastinate and show you a step-by-step plan for moving beyond procrastination in all areas of your life.  Procrastination is one of the top creators of confusion and stress.


Some of the insights covered include:

  • A down to earth definition of the term “procrastination.”
  • The 13 major reasons people choose to procrastinate.
  • The 6 step process for understanding the “how’s” and “why’s” to controlling the behavior of procrastination.


The program concludes with the 10 principles to keep from returning to procrastination as a behavior.

Remember: Procrastination is a choice you make. Each time you choose it as your plan of action, you stop the forward movement of your life and push yourself deeper into the Circle of Sameness.


Time Requirement: 90 minutes to 3 hours


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