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If you’re looking for a down-to-earth, real-life view of what leadership is all about and how to develop real leaders in your organization and not weaken it, then these seminars are your answer.

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Everyone who represents the organization is a sales person, no matter what their role is. Their presence with a customer creates the reputation of the organization. Build a positive presence in your organization.

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A life is always moving. The movement is what creates a life that talks a good story, or a life that achieves its potential. These seminars have been designed to help a person move forward in life.

10 Programs

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For 35 years, Richard has traveled the globe speaking to the leadership and employees of Fortune 500 companies, national and international business associations, educational communities, and non-profits.


Richard turns learning into a group adventure for the participants of his seminars. He has personally selected a handful of programs that have been his most popular and impactful for organizations around the world.

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Richard is a hidden treasure amongst the public speaking and seminar industry. The message and training that he delivers will help the members of your organization become their greatest selves and boost productivity in your business engagements.




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6 Steps To Embracing Change

Change creates one of the most consistent struggles that leadership deals with. It is not that they don’t know where they need to improve in their company, but it’s the fear that is attached to change that keeps many from doing what they know they should do.

Treating Your Business Like A Business

Many business owners and leaders struggle with finding the time to work “on” their business, because they are trapped in having to work “in” their business. The result of not working “on” your business is the lack of planning for future business growth.

How To Get Back Up

Have you ever watched a talented person waste their talents? The wasting of one’s talents restricts the success they can have with their life. Life will knock you down, but you can take that situation to get up as a stronger more self-believing person.

When You Care, They Know

Customer service is a concept that is taught with the desired result being customer satisfaction. The demonstration of caring for customers is the experience of feeling appreciated. When appreciation is missing, so is the feeling of caring.

The Soul Of A Champion

Champions are born as champions. They are people who have a commitment, a desire, and a discipline that takes them beyond where others stop. They have a talent and choose to turn it into a skill that keeps them getting better and better.

Breaking The Procrastination Habit

Procrastination is the #1 behavioral disease faced by people today. Show me anyone who procrastinates and I will show you a person who struggles with time management, organization, making decisions, and the lack of discipline and consistency.

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