The Power To Be

For years people have asked me to put together a program that will help with their major emotional struggles in life.

With that in mind, I am proud to offer this powerful program.

– Richard Flint

12 Part Training Series To Change Your Life 


Learn about the 12 biggest and most consistent struggles people face on their success journey. These 12 struggles comprise 90% of the daily emotional challenges they are faced with that keep them from achieving the success they want. Each of these 12 one hour videos examines why the issue exists and offers you a step-by-step action plan to control the affect it has on your life.

With each training video, you will receive an MP3 audio digital download of the program, plus a study guide you can use as you work through the material.

If you are tired of the continual struggles that zap your energy, create detours that take you away from your journey, and getting stopped in your tracks by emotional stumbling blocks, then you need THE POWER TO BE program.

Isn’t it time you have the life you keep talking about?

Program Schedule

Power To Be You

Learn the process to break free of the chains of yesterday and move forward with belief and trust in yourself. Discover the 5 keys to unlocking your Power To Be and how to live life inside-out.


Power To Get Back Up

Explore the 6 steps for getting back up, develop the personal trust you need to go forward, and not let the “downs” of life control you. Life is what you choose to do with it.


Power To Being Disciplined

Do you battle between discipline and distractions? Discover the 11 step process to achieving a disciplined life and control the distractions that bombard your life.


Power To Be Focused

Learn the power in being focused, why is it so challenging, and how to remove the struggle and replace it with a proven 5 step process. Most people spend more time scattered than focused.


Power To Be Organized

Learn the power that comes with being organized, what disorganization steals from your life, and what is involved in the 9 step process to getting organized and in control.


Power To Be Efficient

Learn the real meaning of being effectively efficient, the components of order, and examine the 10 components that make up efficiency. You can’t be efficient without being organized.


Power To Be Productive

Discover how being productive energizes your life, what the top non-productive behaviors are that hold you back, and learn the 10 keys to creating productivity in your life.


Power To Be Positive

Learn the power that goes with being positive, how to turn the negative into positive, and the 8 steps to unleashing your positivity. You were born with a spirit to be positive.


Power To Be Patient

With patience comes clarity and the power to work at a controlled pace. Learn the 8 keys to achieving patience. When you lack patience, you live from your emotions up, not your mind down.


Power To Be In Control of Fear

Fear is one of the top emotional challenges you have in your life. When you learn to control your fear, you bring positive power to your life. Learn the 6 fears and how to face and control them.


Power of Change

Examine change and learn how to not resist it. Learn the 3 step process that takes the concept of change to the action of improvement. Take the fear out of change and see what happens.


Power to Finish What You Start

Examine how not finishing can turn your positive behavior into a negative pathway. Learn the 8 steps to completing what you start and enjoy the piece of mind to continue your journey.


Bonus Materials

Power Of Pace

Reality is you are either in control of your life, or your life is controlling you. The difference is pace. Discover the 7 step process on learning how to slow your life down in order to achieve more than you ever thought you could.


12 Compact Discs

Complimentary bonus CD for each month of your training program.

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