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The Power to Be Webinar Training Series

Power to Be HorzWe Are All Humans That Deal With Daily Struggles!

Over the years in working with people from all walks of life I have discovered that as different as we think our life is, we are all the same when it comes to personal struggles. We want more for our life, but can’t seem to get out of our own way.

This is why I have created the Power To Be series. I have taken many of the top struggles I have helped people overcome and created a series that will help you learn “How To” control their effect on your life. Each offers you the understanding of “why” this is an issue, a “picture” of what it does to your life and “How” to control its effect in your life.

The Power To Be is a monthly subscription service at RichardFlint.com, where you will have your own unique login in and password. Each month, for the next 6 months, you will have access to a 60-90 minute video you can use for your own personal growth or use the video as a part of your company’s training. Each month you will receive the video, the study guide and an MP3 download.

The Power To Be Webinar Training Series Includes:

  • Choose from Lifetime, Yearly and Monthly Membership Levels
  • A new 60-90 minute training webinar available every month (Lifetime Membership includes 6 Webinars)
  • 24-hour on-line access
  • Program study guide for each webinar
  • MP3 download of each program
  • Periodic LIVE webinars with Richard Flint

I look forward to helping your learn HOW to handle many of your life’s most common struggles!

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